Monday, 28 September 2009

CD cover Analysis: The Prodigy- Warriors Dance.

The cover is very high tech. The cover is simple and using only three colours makes sure that the cover appeals to the audience. Black and red would usually make the audience think of danger however in this case it draws your attention. The image is unusual however links to the title of the song and the music video for this single which uses animation. The bands name is in the centre of the cover and the white bold font stands out against the black background and draws the audiences attention immediately. This would help the audience identify the bands cd easily if they were looking for it in a shop. All of the writing on the cover is in bold capitals and this helps it to stand out. I think that the characters and the writing on the cover give a real sense of speed and i think this helps to represent the pace of the music. In a way it links to the genre yet in another unless you know the band or know the style of this then you probably wouldn’t know that this is from the genre of dance.Although aimed at both genders, the image would predominantly appeal to males as the images are almost aggressive looking. The use of these strong, aggressive images suggests that the music will be that with a strong, heavy beat. We are able to get a good idea of the genre of music from this.

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